Highlights and Updates

Apple Releases Security Updates for OS X and iOS devices

Thursday, 24th April 2014
Apple has released security updates for Mac OS X and iOS devices to address multiple vulnerabilities, some of which could allow an attacker to execute arbitrary code, cause application termination, or expose users to covert eavesdropping.

Denial of Service Vulnerability in Linux Kernel "mac80211/sta_info.c"()

Thursday, 24th April 2014
A vulnerability has been reported in Linux kernel which could allow a remote attacker to cause the system kernel to crash leading to denial of service conditions. 

Systems affected are Linux kernels prior to 3.13.7

The Bank of England to employ ethical hacking and penetration testing to strengthen cyber security of banks

Thursday, 24th April 2014
The Bank of England is set to employ ethical hacking and penetration testing in an effort to strengthen the cyber security of banks and other financial institutions.

German Space Research Center Finds Malware on Multiple Machines

Wednesday, 23rd April 2014
According to a report in German news publication Der Spiegel, computers at a space research center in Cologne were breached in what is being called a state-sponsored attack. 

Security Update for Chrome Operating System

Wednesday, 23rd April 2014
Google has released Chrome 34.0.1847.120 for all Chrome OS devices, except HP Chromebook Pavillion, to address multiple bug fixes, security updates, and feature enhancements.

Adobe Releases Security Update for Adobe Reader Mobile for Android

Wednesday, 23rd April 2014
Adobe has released a security update to address a vulnerability in Adobe Reader Mobile 11.1.3 and earlier versions for Android. Exploitation of this vulnerability could allow a remote attacker to execute arbitrary code via a crafted PDF document.

Google refunds Android users who bought fake Virus Shield app

Wednesday, 23rd April 2014
Earlier this month a fake Android anti-virus app, named Virus Shield, managed to fool thousands of customers into buying it. Now Google is offering full refunds to anyone who bought Virus Shield long after the usual 15-minute refund window, and is also issuing a $5 Play Store credit.

All sent and received e-mails in Gmail will be analyzed, says Google

Thursday, 17th April 2014
Google added a paragraph to its terms of service as of Monday to tell customers that, yes, it does scan e-mail content for advertising and customized search results.

Oracle Releases Critical Patches for Multiple Products

Thursday, 17th April 2014
Oracle has released its Critical Patch Update for April 2014 to address 104 vulnerabilities across multiple products,
as well as a list of all Oracle products affected by the Heartbleed vulnerability and mitigation instructions.

Heartbleed bug exploited to steal taxpayer data

Tuesday, 15th April 2014
Hackers exploited the Heartbleed vulnerability to steal taxpayer data for at least 900 Canadian citizens and an unknown number of businesses, officials in that country warned Monday morning.