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Enormous Child Pornography Ring Uncovered

Monday, 24th March 2014

An enormous child pornography ring, trafficking in the indecent photos of mostly boys, aged three to 17 years of age has been uncovered. The website, had 27000 members.

US authorities say it is one of the largest Child pornography rings ever uncovered. The website's juvenile victims, who numbered more than 250, reside in five foreign countries and 39 US states, officials said.

The illicit website operated on a hidden service board on the Tor network from about June 2012 until June 2013.
The Tor network is set up to conceal user's location, making it possible to maintain online anonymity.

Authorities said at the time it was dismantled, the illegal website contained more than 2000 shared webcam-captured videos of mostly juvenile boys enticed by the website's operators to produce sexually explicit material.
More than 40 terabytes of data were seized, and 15 men have been arrested.