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VIRUS ALERT: Recent Adobe flash vulnerability currently being exploited

Monday, 24th March 2014
A recent Adobe flash vulnerability is currently being exploited in the wild.

The exploit was identified by ThreatTrack on Friday when its antivirus picked up on the file 'cc.swf' being delivered from 'hxxp://java-sky.com/swf/cc.swf'.
Upon execution, the exploit retrieves a payload from hxxp://java-sky.com/d.exe, which when analyzed was revealed to carry out malicious activity such as sleep calls, code injection, registry changes and more. At the time of them posting (Friday 21st) only 3 out of 51 antivirus vendors were able to detect this exploit.

Adobe patches for this vulnerability have been available since Feb. 20, 2014. So please ensure that you apply these patches/updates

Generally you should always ensure that all your software is up to date with the latest security patches/updates. This ensures that they have no old vulnerabilities that can be exploited to infect your computer.